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No Stress

 Selling your property can be stressful  at any stage of your life and it is even harder when you have to deal with divorce, probate, repossession or bankruptcy. People come viewing your private areas, chains collapsing and sales falling through. We don’t do any of this. We are your cash buyer and once you accept the offer we will do all the work, taking the stress away from you. Guaranteed!

No Fees

Everyone knows that selling your property can be costly with paying for the solicitor, paying for glossy brochures and agency fees to name a few. We are different. We are your direct buyer and there is no cost to you. We are not an estate agency and do not charge any additional fees.

No Hassle

We are flexible and will work to your timeline. Our team is available 24/7 and the sales progression team who are on board specialise in fast house sales. We will take care of everything for you! You don’t need to worry about fixing and decorating, we will take care of your unwanted furniture and other items. We can even arrange removal company for you. 

As Seen

We can buy your house in any condition. Even if there are significant problems putting off other buyers such as structural problems, issues with the roof or damp.  You don’t have to waste your time and money on costly refurbishment. No fixing disasters or delays.

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You will get a no-obligation offer within 24 hours and you can sell as quickly as you want. You can then sell as quickly as 7-14 working days or if you prefer more time we will work to your timescales..

  Guaranteed Sale

We are your buyer. We keep things simple. Once you are happy with your offer, we will instruct a local solicitor and set the deadlines. Don’t worry we will pay the solicitor’s bill at no cost to you! We will also cover the clearing and cleaning as well as decorating. Our team is here to support and advise you every step of the way.

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Why sell your house fast to a guaranteed buyer?

We are your buyer and will make a guaranteed cash offer for your property within 24 hours. call 07488 344 254

Would it be nice if you could sell your house in one day without many people coming to your house and criticising every private area, without time wasters and people who “only come to see what’s available and to compare” but aren’t even in the position to put an offer?

Would it be nice if you didn’t have to pay lots of money to the agents up front for producing glossy brochures, listings and other costs before you even get your house featured?

Would it be nice if you didn’t have to wait for offers which have no guarantee that they will ever complete leaving you in a position to start the process all over again?

The reality is that you have absolutely no control of the entire sales process and yes, there are people out there who will take advantage of you and who will waste both your time and money. The agents will give you false promises and keep you in suspension for many weeks.

A quarter of prospective home sales fell through in 2019, with mortgage issues, broken chains and gazumping among the main reasons for deals collapsing reports which.co.uk In 2020 post covid-19 the numbers will raise sharply giving you even less control and certainty.

Media say that selling a house is one of the most stressful times in your life.
There are sharks our there who will make you pay up front and who will try to get every last penny out of your already stressful situation without giving any guarantees. The sale can go on for many months and whilst you are still responsible for paying the mortgage, bills and council tax.


Which is why we are different, as we know how you feel because every one of us has gone through this pain at least once in our life. We understand the process and the stress associated, especially when you have other things and stress going on at the same time.

We offer you full control over the selling process without any time wasted and without any stress and uncertainties. From the minute you accept the cash offer the process will go very smoothly with our sales progression team keeping you up to date every step of the way up to the point when the money reaches your account.

We are your cash buyer and we buy your house with our money. No banks decisions are needed, no mortgage required and no delays. Our team are here 24/7 offering a professional, reliable service to get you a quick hassle-free sale.

Here is what we can do for you if you take action now. Not only we will take care of the entire process, documentation and legal procedure but we will also assign one of our sales progress managers to assist you personally every step of the way providing concierge to all your moving needs. Normally this would cost £1499 however if you respond within 24hours from us making you an offer All of this will be at no cost to you!

Further to this if you accept the price within 12hours from su making you an offer, we will even pay for the removal company to safely move your belongings to your next home.

We can also help you to find your next home as we work and team up with many agents across the UK so finding your next house will be easy.

Don’t wait! Fill in the form and in 2 clicks sell your house for cash, guaranteed!




Sale process on average 6-9 months

Up-front fees plus commission paid by you

Legal fees paid by you

Lengthy chains with no guarantees

1 in 4 house sales do not complete

(more after covid-19)

Cash Sale

Guaranteed sale

To suit your timing

We pay all fees

No agents

As Seen condition

 No fixing – no delays



Viewings done by you, no security

Up-front fees

No Guarantee of sale

Ridiculous offers and often lengthy chains

Solicitors to pay, forms to fill

Mortgage, bills, council tax still being paid

These clients sold their houses fast for Cash!

Read what our happy client’s say about our company- It’s safer than you think! call now 07488 344 254

I had to downsize when my husband passed away. Cash4house were very professional and reassuring. My personal Sales Progress Manager kept in touch informing me about every step and I could trust her completely. I had the money in my account really quickly and they even helped with the moving process which made it stress free for me.

Mrs Smith

We weren’t sure about selling our house this way after reading many articles about similar companies however Cash4house restored our believes completely. They gave us choices right from the start and marked a clear path with deadlines for each step. The entire sale was hassle-free and money arrived in our account on the agreed date. We are now in our new dream home. Thank you Cash4house. We definitely will recommend you to all our friends.

Mr & Mrs Young


Q. How quick will I get an offer on my property?

We will make you an offer within 24hrs. Simply take the next step and  fill in our enquiry form for a free cash offer or if you prefer to talk to a person call one of our representatives on 07488 344 254

Q. I live in an ex council house, can I still use your service?

Yes, we buy ex council houses as well as all other properties residential and commercial.

Q. My property is run down, will I still be able to sell it?

We buy any property in any condition. We can buy houses needing work including structural work, roof and damp problems. No need to clean and decorate – we will do all that for you.

Got further questions? Contact us at buy@cash4house.co.uk t:07455 344 254

Q. How do you calculate the cash value of my property?

We will ask you some basic details about your property. We use computer software and local area details from online sources to give you a cash offer for your property. We also use our extensive knowledge of the house buying market.

Q. What type of properties do you buy for cash?

We will buy any type of property for cash including:

Houses, Flats, Bungalows, Shops, Offices, Farms, Land

We will make an offer on any style of property in England. 

Q. Why should I sell my house for cash and not through an estate agent?

Using a company like ours will get you a guaranteed fast sale. We will make it hassle-free PLUS you won’t have any costs. Estate agents often ask you for money up-front and  take on average 9 months to sell a property. Our company is your direct cash buyer and the sale is GUARANTEED as quickly as you are ready. 

We can help

We buy any house regardless of the condition.
There are many reasons for needing a quick sale.


Pay off all your debts without delay and without any questions asked. Stop repossession or bankrupcy.

Divorce or

Divide cash quickly without any added stress. 

Relocation or

Move at a date to suit you.  We will work to your timeline and help with the moving arrangements

Buyer Chain Broken

Avoid delays. Make it possible to move to your next dream home

Retirement /Health problems

Secure funds quickly to move at the time when you need it most 

Property in
Poor Condition

No need for repairs, builders costs and disasters at the time when mortgage companies refuse the loan. 

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